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Porn Fidelity Review

Reviewed: 2012-12-21
Quick site rank and complete review of Porn Fidelity | Categories: Cumshot, Groupsex, Mature, Pornstar

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gold rank
Our Rating: 91/100

Quality of Content: 23/25

Purchase Value: 18/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 7/10

Content Variety: 10/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 5/5

Originality: 9/10

Navigation: 4/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

User Rating For PornFidelity

User Rating: 54/100 - based on 159 votes.

Price & Payment Options



Standard price: $8.95 (3 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30days)

30 Days


Standard price: $29.95 (30 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30 days)

90 Days


Standard price: $59.95 (90 days, recurring at $29.95 / 30days)

Tour Promises promises 100% exclusive hardcore featuring the hottest married couple in porn, threesome fucking, big tits, multiple and high quality videos.

My Opinion About PornFidelity

Porn Fidelity is a site from the stunning blonde porn babe Kelly Madison. She has her own official site, but on this site she shares the limelight with her porn stud husband, Ryan. Threesomes abound on this site, but there is much more hardcore action inside the members' area and the price of admission is very good for the quality and the amount.

Kelly and Ryan aren't a typical married couple, but they both like chicks and as much as they love sex with one another, they always add a bit of spice to their life by adding a third. I'm not opposed to this myself and I love watching them enjoy every moment of every adventure they have, but there is much more on PornFidelity for members to enjoy.

On the members' page you'll find non-exclusive DVDs. Also, there is a link to Kelly's blog. Updates from Porn Fidelity are found on this page, as well as upcoming previews and a rather extensive search engine. There is no possible way that you won't find exactly what you're after when using the search features. You can sort by updates, popularity, but models ages, height and name. You can find scenes with Kelly or Ryan only, with the two of them and with other partners. There is a list of different cumshots, model ethnicities, but types and you can even choose between scenes with or without anal. The great thing about these features is that you can also cross check them to narrow down your search. It's a great system.

To date, Porn Fidelity offers a total of 1050 videos, 168,677 individual pictures, although they likely add up to around 1000 or more sets, and aside from Kelly, there are 364 additional female models. Breaking down the videos into categories, most scenes are hardcore with Kelly and Ryan on their own or with other chicks and there are 296 solo and 305 behind-the-scenes videos. The site updates weekly, although sometimes you might find Kelly in a lesbian or solo scene in one update, Ryan fucking a gorgeous porn star in the next update and the couple fucking in another update. It still adds up to a lot of fun since most of the guest models are either big tit babes, porn stars or just all around hot fresh meat.

There appear to be BTS photos and videos for each of the episodes and the movies can be previewed by watching the accompanying trailers. Photos come in two sizes and both of these can be downloaded in Zip files. You can also view picture sets online in a slideshow or by manually browsing them. There are approximately 60 images in a set and the largest size is 1728x1152 pixels. They are sharp, bright and professional looking and after checking out a few sets I'd say it isn't likely you'll find even one bad shot or awkward pose.

Videos can be streamed through an embedded Flash player (852x480) and there are three downloadable MP4 qualities and there is a file for those who want to download the flicks for their mobile device. Episodes tend to be 35 minutes or longer and the file sizes for the best quality videos can reach upwards of 1GB each. There is a 480p and 720p version of the newest videos and the best quality is the 1080p. The older videos are available in WMV and MOV formats and they are comparable to the mid-quality MP4s. There is certainly plenty of action in each film and it doesn't matter what the overall theme. The larger the number of partners, the longer the films and more diverse the hardcore, but I can't imagine not adoring anything offered at Porn Fidelity. Kelly is an older babe, but she's fit and hot and she has a huge set of tits that everyone loves to play with, including herself. Cum shots are emphasized and if you can think of a money shot, then it's bound to show up in these flicks. There are creampies, facials, swallowing, swapping and for the tit fan there are big hooters dripping with hot cum.

Final Verdict

Porn Fidelity has been around for a while and all the newer content is spectacular quality. However, the further you go back in the archive, the more the quality diminishes, after all, what was top-quality five years ago isn't any longer. Still, you get some pretty awesome stuff here, gorgeous gals, big tits, hundreds of cumshots and so many different sex scenes that as a Porn Fidelity member you couldn't want for more.

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PornFidelity - sample PornFidelity - sample PornFidelity - sample PornFidelity - sample PornFidelity - sample PornFidelity - sample PornFidelity - sample PornFidelity - sample PornFidelity - sample PornFidelity - sample PornFidelity - sample PornFidelity - sample

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User Comments

2018 Sep 12, 05:10, B
It is not Ryans chooses Directors and screenwriters .kelly's the boss. Everyone always condemns him but doesn't understand that he doesn't make decisions. She's the boss. Kelly ruined his life and his career . Frog from marsh ! And now she is rich at his expense ! All he gets is humiliation . Show some pride Ryan . You don't need shackles .You alone can achieve more without these people .They're just dragging you down . They don't think about you and your feelings they only care about money ! People say you started taking drugs ! And why do you drink so much ? are you sick ?? Think about your health and psyche ! Before it's too late, leave it all ! There are people who love you just as a person. But you Ryan isolated yourself . Ryan need help !

2018 Sep 01, 04:14, Planet
When you get one membership you get access to other site, but they're exactly the same and I don't understand why this is necessary?? it's a clever publicity stunt, this cunning is often used in advertising. But in fact you get the same thing.You're also getting photos of porno actress there ( but im can get their photos free ) and some interviews where they telling silly things. Sory but people buy porno dont for that. I don't see much difference in videos and models. In my opinion better choose one but a good site than many but shitty . I think they make a lot of movies but better rarely, but good ! this advice would be useful to them . .Actresses are little known and the same type . skinny butts ,thin legs ,skin and bones . . Stupid smiles and face acting under silly music don't make me horney .
The site looks not attractive and terribly inconvenient, uncomfortable to handle ! Slow working and slow loading . Also dire dark color from which are sore eyes . People with bad eyesight there is nothing to do . .my poor eyes ! I have for example after 15 minutes of stay on this site hurt my eyes.This site made my eyes sick after 15 minutes . All dark, black . Terribly uncomfortable . Dont is easy to use .. It's hard to find the right information. Bad design. About movies. ..The style of porn movies is also far from ideal .First of all, this stupid teenage music is just annoying . And too bright colors in the movies annoying also .Porn Actresses overplay overact and looks like fake even comedian ..opening their mouths so wide as if they had been suffered constipation for a week and now it happened . There are almost no Asians and dark girls . But a lot of the same type of girls Schoolgirls ( skin and bones) no muscles and no pleasant shapes .It's not pleasing to my eyes. trailers are better than whole movies ! They're really able of shooting great trailers but the real thing disappointed me . I don't recommend porn studios of Kelly Madison .

thank God at least here people can leave their honest opinion. On other sites write only sweet reviews. Perhaps that these reviews are ordered for the money . Bloggers receive money for useful reviews !. Becouse comments from people below review about" madison media " always worse than perfect, sweet review

2018 Aug 02, 11:30, where there is no where there is no debauchery
About teenfidelity and pornfidelite.. At first of all want to remark with the fact that pornfidelite is better than teeninfidelity where the writer of an nasty old man who creates a nasty scenes that make me sick. I've seen a lot of abominations but it's really nasty. It looks stupid and gross but not sexy . This old man is not interested in the prosperity of ryan's website at all in my opinion . In my opinion, he just likes to feel the Tits of young prostitutes realizing that it is free and this is his last opportunity . Ryan provides him with these opportunities forgetting that his movies have become horrible and it is not possible to watch .horrible video shooting, lame scenarios , Clean farce. Nothing about sex ! It's just a mockery of the fans. I don't understand at all. It looks like pity for the old pervert and absolutely disregard for the outcome . This old man shows off his genitals everywhere and Ryan is happy to share these retweets . I have thoughts about the psyche of Ryan least it's weird. Although he has specific wife too.......probably this is the root of evil. Anyway, have no desire to visit this site anymore . What about pornfidelity ...that is not a bad site . But a lot of other temperamental actors besides Rzan . Different girls as everywhere . There's variety, at least. Andy Zain has head on his shoulders and still doing beautifull esthetic things . There are pretty movies But Nothing special ! i am going looking for something else .

2013 Sep 17, 16:36, Ca
Love this site

2013 Jul 23, 07:18, LA
I love this site. Ryan fucks the shit out of these girls and cums over and over.

2012 Nov 02, 15:53, ny
This site is the best. Ryan Madison is a monster! He is one of the best pornstars!

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